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February 8, 2009

Lassie learnt SCOFF!

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Sorry about the hiatus. The heat has been barring us down and I felt like doing nothing but laze around.

Since my last post, so much’s had happened with Lassie. She knows to reject treats from our hands now, only eating when we tell her to.

We tried today, and she did it so well. Even moving her head around our hands when we pushed the treats forward to her mouth. Of course it’s not ppuuurrrrfffeeeccctt. We needed to incorporate a little ahah-ing to remind her. But, she got it!

I’m ecstatic!! Considering she’s a complete foodie. I didn’t think it’d be that smooth to teach her. Guess all the discipline training before she could eat her meals paid off eh?

Oh, and she knows how to shake both her left and right paw now too.

Her “shake-a-left-paw” is absolutely solid. But she still needs some cues with her right paw i.e. using our left hand to make her shake her right paw. That’s understandable because we’ve just started incorporating her left paw in shake after we’ve built her foundations on just “shake-a-paw” with her left paw. She’s getting there though, and I’m just so proud of her!

Aside from that, during the last week, Lassie and I made a small trip to the Vet too.

I found a chicken-butt size lump at her rear end. Prior to that, we’ve seen her scooting but didn’t think much of it because it looked like a normal itch since she was doing it just once every few days. Not often at all. I wouldn’t have thought much of it if not for the lump.

I recalled learning how sometimes the dog’s anal gland have to be squeezed out if they’re noticed to be scooting. It meant they were not able to excrete as smoothly and thus retain fluids in their anal gland which causes the itch. I had no idea what are the other tell tales symptoms to watch out, so immediately related the occasional scooting and the lump near her anus to that.

I got a bit worried too since the lump was rather prominent, thus booked an immediate consultation with the Vet for that evening.

When the Vet checked it out, she had no idea what it was. Definitely nothing to do with the anal gland needing to be squeezed. She said the occasional scooting was alright. To learn what the lump was, she took some cells from the lump and looked at it under the microscope (which by itself cost AUD$37).

I was told the lump was made up by some “m” starting cells, white and red blood cells which happens when foreign objects enters the body. She suggested maybe Lassie got bitten/stung by some insects in the garden. She gave us antibiotics to feed her for now and will check back in a weeks time to see how’s Lassie doing. If her lump hasn’t gone down, she suggested to push forward her desexing so they could check it out under anesthetic. Possibly sending it to the laboratory to examine.

It’s been at least 3 days since and the lump has evidently reduced in size, so it’s possibly as the Vet had said. Just a sting. Probably from the bees when she’s playing in the garden.

The whole consultation cost AUD$138. Considering I’m still a full-time student and I’m covering all of Lassie’s expenses by myself, that’s quite a hefty amount. Given that, I’m still glad that I checked it out immediately and the lump is showing signs of disappearing. Better be safe than sorry!

On a side note, her anal gland really needed squeezing. The Vet recommended adding Metamucil to her meals to up her fiber intake. I was surprised since her favourite treats are actually fruits, especially bananas and she’s currently on Science Diet which is claimed and recommended by the Vet to give a complete, balanced diet.

I told the Vet and apparently fruits doesn’t work on dogs like how it does on humans, and that despite a complete diet, some dogs are more susceptible to this than others. I was told better to stop feeding her too much fruits, in case it had any bad effects on her. Occasional bananas are fine though, so I guess that wouldn’t be so hard on Las.



  1. Kudos to you Lassie! Learning the shake command for both paw paws is actually quite easy. I remember the time when I only took 10 minutes to get it. Will be looking forward to seeing your next trick! Do take a video sometime. I LOVE watching other dogs performing tricks & especially Golden Retrievers!

    Boogie Woogie,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    Comment by Amber-Mae — February 8, 2009 @ 12:58 PM

  2. Thanks. I’ve learnt jump too now, and performed perfect shakes with both paws this morning. I’m on a roll!!!!
    My owners looking into properly recording my performances once I’ve compiled enough tricks together. She’s currently saving up for a video camera. ^^

    Lotsa love,

    Comment by doggiejourney — February 9, 2009 @ 6:15 AM

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